How Bitcoin Blockchain and Ripple May Help Kill U.S. Dollar

The U. S. Dollar has ruled the financial world for longer than most of us have been alive. As far as the vast majority of us knows, the world orbits the sun, and the sun orbits the U. S. Dollar. Every nation in the world has been forced to become a loyal subject of this Western-based hegemony for decades, and the U. S. has been living on an unlimited credit card ever since World War II.
This cozy world of fiat dominance, well-maintained at the barrel of a gun, has worked out incredibly well for the U. S. Government, its central bankers, and the citizens of the republic.
Well, I’m here to report to you that the days of $499 42′ HD TVs and $1.99 gallons of gas are numbered, and a new economic reality show is about to begin.
One that will be built around technological innovations like Bitcoin’s blockchain technology and new dedicated instruments like Ripple. These protocols will help change the monetary systems of the world forever, systems that frankly are long overdue for an upgrade, and the ‘American Empire’ will never be the same again.
Fools and vested interests may end up blaming ‘The Blockchain’
First things first. I titled this article this way for a reason. The U. S. Dollar is going to collapse, and it will collapse regardless of the implementation of these new technologies.
In the coming years, when the U. S. Dollar has been removed from its global leadership position, there may be a spin from vested interests to blame the new digital currency technologies wrought by Bitcoin for this economic reset.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-08-29.

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