Bitcoin Super-Team Creates MASS: Blockchain-Based Solution to Online Advertising Inequity

Consumer disaffection with irrelevant and obtrusive ads has resulted in the rapid growth of ad-blocker adoption. This fact is making data-tracking nearly useless and threatens the entire online advertising business model as a result. The industry’s current solution is an arms race of anti-blockers versus anti-anti-blockers and in some cases alliances with the ad-blockers, themselves. This inefficient counter-productivity inevitably leads to a dead-end.
To solve this problem, ad industry and Blockchain experts have combined efforts to create The Mass Network – a Blockchain-based solution aimed at fixing the imbalance of power between the online advertising industry and internet users who unwittingly provide the ad machine its revenue source: data. Mass users benefit from contributions by Colu (assets protocol), Mycelium (wallet component), and ShapeShift (integrated exchange).

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-08-29.

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