12 Philippine companies that should really start accepting Bitcoin

It’s big news when a major corporation or non-profit, such as Wikipedia, starts accepting Bitcoin. A number of people want to have more places to spend their bitcoins. So Tech in Asia spoke with entrepreneurs in the Philippine Bitcoin space on what companies they would like to see accept the cryptocurrency. There were no restrictions placed on the people we surveyed – they could name an international company with a strong Philippine presence, or a local brand. The only real requirement was that the company could contribute to the growth of the cryptocurrency in some way. Perhaps the firm accepting Bitcoin would represent a public relations victory, tap into a market that is already tech-savvy, or introduce Bitcoin to the Filipino masses.
Here are their answers:
1. – 2. Cebu Pacific AIR and Philippine Airlines
The Philippines is famously trying to attract more tourists through the ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ campaign, which is sponsored by the Department of Tourism. Sam Kaddoura, the co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin exchange BuyBitcoin.ph, thinks the country would be well-served by bringing Bitcoin enthusiasts into the country. To do so, the Philippines would ideally have entire communities or business districts where Bitcoin is readily accepted, but Kaddoura thinks we first need to address inbound international travel. ‘If we really want bring in Bitcoin-spending tourists, why not equip one (or two) of the major domestic airlines to accept Bitcoin?’ he suggests.

This post was published at Tech In Asia on September 2, 2014.

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