OKCoin CTO Changpeng Zhao: If Insisting on The Current BitLicense Proposal, New York Will Lose Its Financial Center Position

OKCoin was rather active recently, having passed the 100% reserve audit, launched an international trading platform and wrote a join-letter with BTCChina and OKCoin to NYDFS regarding New York’s bitlicense proposal.
In order to explore more stories behind, we made an interview with CTO of OKCOIN, Changpeng Zhao this time.
When talking about why they decided to write this letter, Changpeng Zhao explained that the procedure in US is that comments from public must be collected before any new law was established. As an influential exchange, OKCoin took it a duty to put forward advice for the healthy development of the industry.

This post was published at Bitell on September 2, 2014.

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