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Understanding Bitcoin and the blockchain is not necessarily required to use cryptocurrency. It is good to see people show a keen interest in the ecosystem, though. Bitcoin has always been looked at as a way to make payments and disrupt money transfers. Although the financial world has opposed the idea of Bitcoin for the longest […]

Bitcoin and mobile messaging have emerged as tools in addressing the global remittance market to lower the cost of transferring funds across national borders. This past spring, KakaoTalk, based in Seoul, South Korea, a chat app, purchased a 40% stake in Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), a Manila, Philippines bitcoin startup as reported by Quartz. KakaoTalk […]

Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) has acquired the bitcoin-powered Keza app which allows users to invest in mainstream U. S. stocks, and has relaunched it. The Keza app closed in April shortly after launching, CCN reported. The project had received $357,000 in funding backed by Digital Currency Group and Jason Calacanis of HOF Capital. Keza also […]

Philippine Bitcoin fintech startup Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) has acquired bitcoin investment app Keza for an undisclosed sum. Founded in 2015, Keza allowed bitcoin users to invest in bitcoin or fixed income stocks in the United States or other international stock exchanges via a mobile app. The app allowed users to invest in three types […]

The makers of,, and now have a partner in the world’s biggest tech ecoystem What kind of company would be magnanimous – or foolhardy – enough to pull another company out from the grave? Philippines-based bitcoin startup Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) is one shimmering example. Today, it has announced the acquisition of […]

Philippine Bitcoin fintech startup Satoshi Citadel Industries has raised a seed round from K Venture Group (KVG), the investment arm of South Korea internet company Kakao Corporation. The amount of the investment was not disclosed. Founded in 2014 with the aim of becoming the ecosystem for Bitcoin in the Philippines, Satoshi Citadel operates a number […]

Universal bitcoin company Satoshi Citadel Industries’ has partnered with California-based global transaction network and money transfer platform ZipZap to enable Filipino expat workers in Canada to send money back to the Philippines using the ZipZap payment application. Filipino workers spend around USD$2 billion in transaction and conversion fees when sending money back to their […]

In an ongoing trend of Bitcoin companies withdrawing their services from New York in response to the BitLicense, two more businesses have exited the Empire State. The latest Bitcoin startups that refused to apply to the controversial regulation are Philippine centered remittance service Rebit and mining specialist Genesis Mining. Both Rebit’s parent company Satoshi Citadel […]

Filipino Bitcoin startup Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI), has raised an additional US$100,000 as part of its ongoing seed funding round. Through this investment, serial entrepreneur Joe Maristela hopes to encourage other angel investors to consider putting money into the Philippines’ burgeoning tech industry. Commenting on the new fundraising, John Bailon, CEO and co-founder at SCI, […]

Hong Kong-based Bitcoin firm Bitspark recently announced the launch of its end-to-end remittance service from Hong Kong to the Philippines that leverages the low fees associated with Bitcoin. The service ‘is the first bitcoin remittance solution in the world’ that is cash-in-cash-out, quick, cost-effective, and scalable, said the company in a news release sent to […]

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