Matteo Renzi Says He Will Resign After Losing Referendum

Grazie a tutti, comunque. Tra qualche minuto sar in diretta da Palazzo Chigi. Viva l'Italia!
Ps Arrivo, arrivo
— Matteo Renzi (@matteorenzi) December 4, 2016

As was reported earlier, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is expected to deliver a statement on the Italian referendum at midnight Italian time. According to Italy’s RAI, the statement has been delayed by 20 minutes. It is unclear what the topic of Renzi’s statement will be although speculation is rampant that the 41 year old prime minister may announce his resignation, opening the way for a new government and/or new elections.
Moments ago, the Twitter-loving prime minister, sent out the following tweet to his nearly 2.8 million followed: “Thanks to all of you. In a few minutes I will be speaking to you directly from Palazzo Chigi. Long live Italy. PS Am coming, am coming’
Watch Renzi’s speech live below:

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Dec 4, 2016.

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