How to Profit from This Sunday’s ‘Quitaly’ Vote

Last June I wrote to you with an urgent message ahead of the Brexit ‘tantrum’ that wiped $3 trillion from the world’s balance sheets in the worst two-day sell-off of all time.
Now it’s time to talk ‘Quitaly’ – an event that could be three times worse.
That’s what I’m calling Italy’s upcoming referendum on Dec. 4, when millions of Italians are going to vote on what looks to be one of the most significant constitutional reforms since World War II ended.
What it means for your money may surprise you – especially when it comes to the profit potential I see being created when it happens.
Brexit Pales in Comparison to This
Millions of investors breathed an audible sigh of relief when the Brexit aftermath proved to be a non-event, but millions more yet have fallen blithely into the trap of believing that it was a ‘one-off.’
That’s a terrible mistake – ‘Quitaly’ could be orders of magnitude worse.
Naturally, politicians and economic experts won’t tell you this. They’re actively trying to downplay the upcoming vote at a time when all three of Italy’s leading opposition parties favor an ‘exit’ from the euro.

This post was published at Examiner on December 1, 2016.

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