Ohio State Attack Suspect Is Abdul Ali Artan, 18-Year-Old Somali Refugee; Terrorism Investigated

NBC News: Suspect in Ohio State attack is Abdul Razak Ali Artan multiple law enforcement sources tell Pete Williams and @anblanx
— Tom Winter (@Tom_Winter) November 28, 2016

Update: courtesy of NBC’s Tom Winter, we have the alleged Somali refugee suspect’s name, which is Abdul Razak Ali Artan.
According to recent press report, Abdul Razak Artan was a peaceful Muslim, “wrongly portrayed by the media”
Following today’s attack at Ohio State University, CBS is reporting that the sole suspect is an OSU student who was a Somali refugee. His name has not been released.
There were conflicting report about the suspect’s age with NBC adding that according to law enforcement officials, he was an 18-year-old Ohio State student, although it agrees that the unnamed suspect was a Somali refugee who was a legal permanent resident of the United States.

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Nov 28, 2016.

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