What to Watch For: Cashless Society, World Money and More

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Here are the five stories to watch this week and going forward. Included is the latest news out of the Brexit efforts, how a cashless society is already in the works and what moves world money and the SDRs have made now that China is in the currency basket. 1. Heavyweight Brexiteers Among 60 Tory MPs to Demand Clean Break From the EU (Telegraph)
A total of sixty members of the UK parliament, including seven former Cabinet ministers, have recently demanded that Theresa May remove Britain from the single economic market of the EU and its customs agreements amid fears that the current PM’s position on Brexit could be weakened considerably. Currently, there is much debate in the UK parliament on whether its MP’s must vote before invoking article 50, the EU mechanism required to leave the Union.

This post was published at Examiner on November 23, 2016.

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