Is Nigel Farage Moving To The US

Donald Trump nearly sparked a diplomatic scandal earlier this week when he tweeted that Nigel Farage, the interim UKIP leader and the lead Brexit campaigner, would be great as Britain’s ambassador to Washington, a suggestions which Theresa May’s government quickly dismissed saying there was “no vacancy” as Kim Darroch is currently serving as ambassador to Washington, and leading to an outpouring of protests from the UK press accusing Trump of meddling in sovereign affairs.
When asked by ITV television about Farage’s ambassadorial ambitions, finance minister Philip Hammond said if he ever needed advice from the leader of the UK Independence Party, he had his telephone number. “Tell him not to hold his breath,” he added.
However Farage – a long-time supporter of Donald Trump – appears to have enjoyed the barb, and as Reuters reports, he taunted PM May with a mock ambassador’s reception complete with
chocolate and champagne. At a party at London’s Ritz hotel, Farage was cheered by his financial backers before offering guests pyramids of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, “a joking reference to a long-running and much-lampooned ‘ambassador’s reception’ TV advert in which the gold-foiled confection is cast as the delicacy of choice for diplomats.”

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Nov 24, 2016.

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