Mayor de Blasio Vows To Make New York A Safe Space From “Excesses Of Trump”

Five days after meeting with president-elect Donald Trump in what was described as a “candid meeting”, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio delivered what Bloomberg dubbed a “campaign-style rebuke to the President-elect” vowing to resist the “excess of Trump” including federal efforts to deport undocumented immigrants, push more aggressive police actions against minorities or remove health services from women and the poor.
De Blasio said he would sue to stop the federal government if the Trump administration went forward with a plan to require all Muslims to register in a database, the mayor said in a speech before hundreds of supporters on Monday denouncing many of Trump’s policies, said, “we will sue to block it.”
‘We worry about a nation that was meant to be inclusionary becoming exclusionary,’ de Blasio said. ‘We worry about deeper division. We worry about the negation of the American dream.’

This post was published at Zero Hedge on Nov 21, 2016.

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