Bitcoin Price Maintains Strong Momentum, Hits $750 Mark – BITCOIN has consistently maintained a solid pattern of gains in the past few sessions courtesy of growing demand from digital currency players in the Asian market.
The Bitstamp Price Index (BPI) registered a peak of $749.98, rising from a high of $740 on Thursday after a frenetic trade where its price climbed four percent from from $714.87 to $739.02 in just half-hour duration.
Keeping its impressive run for more advances, the most sought-after cryptocurrency was trading at $739.49 to the U. S. greenback at midnight coordinated universal time. It was up $745.69 prior to ending a steady chart in a 2-hour trading session between 02:25 and 04:25. Today’s peak of $749.49 took place just before noon.
A series of key financial as well as geo-political developments among the globe’s largest economies in the last weeks have been noted as the causes for the cryptocurrency’s price rally as demand for the Bitcoin steadily rises.

This post was published at FXPips on NOVEMBER 18, 2016.

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