Election Results Prove Positive for Bitcoin

Bitcoin companies ranging from Digital Currency Group to ZebPay claim to have seen massive spikes in trading following the announcement of Trump’s victory.
The election is over, and many Americans are shocked by the results. In a stunning upset, Republican candidate and businessman Donald J. Trump has pulled off a sweeping victory in the electoral college to become the next president-elect.
The outcome has left the nation as divided as ever. Some are ecstatic over the news, while others are left feeling depressed and even angry.
Virginia coal miner Jimmy McDonald is one of many expressing joy over Trump’s victory, stating:
‘There’s still some good in America. The people have spoken. The people said, ‘enough is enough.’ He’s going to bring back jobs. He’s going to bring back faith in America.’

This post was published at NewsBTC on November 10, 2016.

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