Roger Ver Considers Offering Double Block Rewards To Bitcoin Miners

Mining pool incentives are a double-edged concept, though. Miners are already rewarded for mining on the network, through the block reward.
Quite a few interesting discussions are taking place in the Bitcoin ecosystem right now. Roger Ver, one of the few prominent early Bitcoin adopters, recently issued an interesting statement. He discussing upping the Bitcoin block reward from 12.5 BTC back to 25 BTC, by paying half out of his own pocket. An intriguing marketing idea for Bitcoin Classic, although it raises a fair few questions as well.
To put this news into perspective, it is not possible to increase the current block reward other than by forking the Bitcoin source code. That is not what Roger Ver has planned for Bitcoin Classic mining, though. In fact, it remains unclear if he plans to go ahead with this ‘increased block reward’ idea to begin with.

This post was published at NewsBTC on November 6th, 2016.

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