The Govt. Realized Bitcoin Could Not Be Shut down, Says U.S. Federal Prosecutor

‘There’s simply no way.’
In an almost hour long interview, Kathryn Haun, Assistant Attorney for the U. S. Department of Justice in San Francisco and lecturer on digital currencies at Stanford Law School, who prosecuted her own colleagues, Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Services agent and Carl Mark Force, a DEA agent, for public corruption in an investigation arising from Silk Road, the infamous drug bazaar shut down in 2013, stated that the reason United States government did not shut down bitcoin is because they ‘recognize you can’t shut down bitcoin.’
‘There is simply no way’ – Haun said, ‘with these technologies once the genie is out of the bottle you can’t put it back in…but even if we could hold the developers of these technologies accountable,’ the federal prosecutor continued, that would be ‘counter to the legal system.’
The federal prosecutor wondered whether the law should be changed, emphasizing she was not saying so or otherwise, before arguing that developers state it is for privacy, ‘which I like’, but it is ‘obviously the case a large percentage of criminals will use’ the technology. ‘At what point you, as a developer, are comfortable with the technology being used for more harm than good?’ the prosecutor rhetorically asked.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 01/11/2016.

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