Bitcoiners Share Thoughts on Donald Trump

Bitcoiners have gained a reputation as a libertarian movement. Hillary Clinton refused to accept the digital currency for her campaign based on this premise, according to WikiLeaks. Former Republican nominee for President Rand Paul accepted the cryptocurrency.
Bitcoiners, generally, represent a wide swathe of counter-culture political beliefs, and when CCN reached out to readers and Bitcoiners on social media forums and Reddit, we received diverse answers.
‘There’s no way in either heaven or hell that a Trump administration would be crypto-friendly,’ said Reddit user SeemedGood.
That guy is one of the biggest proponents of big government control I’ve ever seen. He was literally to the left of HRC on many issues during the nominating contests. Really though, the only thing that guy stands for is self-aggrandizement and totalitarianism is generally the most efficient means of governmental self-aggrandizement.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 01/11/2016.

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