Iceland’s Pirate Party Could Win Parliamentary Elections, Benefiting Bitcoin, Auroracoin Adoption

Iceland’s Pirate Party may very well win the national elections on Saturday.
According to recent polling, the Pirate Party, which stands for internet and financial freedom rose to fame employing swarm activism tactics, ranks as high as 22.5%. Meanwhile, the conservative Independence Party is polling around 21-23%, while its coalition partner, the Progressive Party, only garners 9%, and will likely lose its ruling status.
Last year the Pirates polled even higher, as high as 35%. If the election were held at that time, the party would have easily secured enough seats in parliament to comprise the second-largest group.
The Pirate Party rode a wave of anti-government sentiment related to financial scandals
The rise of the Pirate Party, a protest party with no prior political infrastructure, comes to Iceland in reaction to a series of financial scandals that have plagued the small island country.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-10-25.

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