Can Bitcoin Be Used to Pay for a College Education?

College tuition fees are expensive. It costs most students tens of thousands of dollars to achieve a degree education, which for many families is simply unaffordable. However, with digital currencies becoming increasingly popular, you might be wondering whether you can use your store of bitcoin to pay your college fees.
At the moment, Bitcoin is not widely accepted in the mainstream world, so if you want to study for a masters in public health at the University of Arizona, you need some dollars in your bank account. However, there are a few enlightened educational establishments who have agreed to accept bitcoin as payment for tuition fees – with one important proviso.
University of Nicosia
The first university to take the plunge was the University of Nicosia, which is a private educational establishment in Cyprus. The university made the announcement back in 2013, when it was seeking publicity for its new Master of Science degree in Digital Currency. Since the course curriculum covered Bitcoin and how such systems are likely to evolve and change society in the future, it clearly seemed like good PR to announce prospective students were free to pay for the course in Bitcoin. Their PR stunt worked spectacularly well and the world’s media was flooded with stories about the new course.

This post was published at Bitcoinist on 2016/10/25.

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