BTCC Previews New Mobile Bitcoin Wallet ‘Mobi’

“Bitcoin as money, that’s the killer app.”
Bobby Lee, CEO of BTCC, has high hopes for Mobi, the bitcoin exchange startup’s new mobile app, released at Money2020 in Las Vegas today. In contrast to other hosted wallets, Lee argues that Mobi succeeds at a difficult balance of being both “bitcoin first” and accessible to a global consumer base.
Rather than enable the wallet to hold US dollars, euros or renminbi, Mobi uses bitcoin to provide users with the experience of cash, enabling them to lock their value into an exchange rate that matches their preferred currency.
Lee told CoinDesk:
“Circle is going a very regulated way, they’re doing dollars euros and CNY. But for us, we want to be fighting from the bottom. We want to make a truly global payment platform.”

This post was published at Coin Desk on October 24, 2016.

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