Samson Mow Claims Chinese Bitcoin Scalability Event Was A Marketing Stunt

There was no "Bitcoin On-Chain Scaling Conference" in China. Nice try r/btc. It was a Bitmain social / marketing event. — Samson Mow (@Excellion) October 23, 2016

While these words should always be taken with a grain of salt, a bigger problem is highlighted by this statement.
A recent bitcoin meetup in China was supposed to be about addressing scalability. This topic has been kicked around for quite some time now, yet there is no solution in sight. Samson Mow took to Twitter and explained how this meeting was not about on-chain scaling. Instead, he called it a ‘social and marketing event’ organized by Bitmain.
There have always been different opinions on any event taking place discussing Bitcoin scalability. The majority of these meetings have been held behind closed doors, leaving the Bitcoin community none the wiser. When the Bitcoin On-chain Scaling Conference in China was announced, the tone was very different. In fact, anyone who wanted could attend the meeting

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