Bitcoin Platform Electrum Next Release to Support SegWit, Apple Debut In View

The next major release of @ElectrumWallet will support #segwit and payment channels. ETA: Xmas 2016
— Electrum (@ElectrumWallet) October 23, 2016

As the final release date of Segregated Witness approaches, more Bitcoin platforms are preparing to support the innovative scaling solution from Bitcoin Core. Electrum, an open source Bitcoin wallet application launched in 2011, is officially introducing support for SegWit in its next release.
Once SegWit is adopted by leading wallet applications such as Electrum, the Bitcoin network is presumed to experience an observable change in the average size of blocks, as a significant amount of transactional data is removed from the traditional block structure.
Although SegWit creates a major alteration in the structure of transactions, its backward-compatible nature as a soft fork eases the transition of most users.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-10-24.

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