Kim Dotcom Answers Megaupload Investor Questions with Fundraising Goal in Sight

When Kim Dotcom announced that his Megaupload2/Bitcache investment offer would only accept bitcoin, many assumed that it was a way to prevent any law enforcement effort to seize the funds. Given that the fundraiser is reaching the half-way mark on the Bnktothefuture online investment platform, the controversial content entrepreneur has addressed some questions that investors have raised.
Simon Dixon, CEO of Bnktothefuture, recorded a Youtube interview with Kim Dotcom that aired on the Max Keiser show. Keiser noted at the outset that Megaupload2 fundraising offer on the Bnktothefuture is ‘rapidly getting to the 50% level of the minimum goal and looking quite exciting.’
Dixon, who noted the fundraising is approaching the ‘half a million mark’ with bitcoin only, has been reviewing investor feedback.
Keiser, based in London, arranged the interview for Dixon, based in Singapore, who interviewed Dotcom in New Zealand.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 13/10/2016.

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