Argentina-Based Notarization Platform Launches Public Beta, Brings Bitcoin to Legal Industry

What happens on the Blockchain, stays on the Blockchain. With this premise, the Blockchain-based notarization platform Signatura, previously known as Bit Court, wants to use Bitcoin’s underlying technology to provide an easy way to certify and validate legal documents with no requirement to trust on third parties.
On Tuesday, the Buenos Aires-based company released the first public beta of a service that seeks to bring Bitcoin’s disruptive nature to the legal industry and beyond. The announcement comes after a private beta testing that included dozens of lawyers interested in using the notarization service.
Signatura co-founder Franco Amati told Cointelegraph that the platform ‘allows multiple parties to jointly sign legally binding documents, and notarize them in such a way that no one can repudiate its date, content or signatures.’
Amati envisions a wide range of applications including digitally signed contracts, certification of company workflows and digital work attribution among others. Also, targeting corporations and government entities, the company plans to release API libraries that will allow institutional users to integrate the platform with their existing softwares.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-10-14.

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