Bitcoin Services Unaffected By Turkey Restricting Internet Access

A bigger question is whether or not the Turkish government will block access to Bitcoin platforms in the future. It is becoming evident they want nothing more than wall-off the Internet as China is doing.
Turkey is on the road to blocking a lot of popular online services. Internet users can no longer access OneDrive, GitHub, and DropBox. This artificial blockade has gone into effect as of last Saturday, and there is no indication as to how long how it will last. It may only be a matter of time until the government turns its attention towards Bitcoin services.
According to unconfirmed sources, the reason for this blockade has to do with an alleged hacking incident. Redhack, a collective of hackers, claim they breached Turkey’s Minister of Energy and Resources’ email account. For now, it is unclear how blocking GitHub, OneDrive, and Dropbox will do to solve this problem, though.
Turkey Aims To Control The Internet
Several major Turkish ISPs have adhered to implementing this online blockade. TTNet, Turkcell, and Uydunet are three of the country’s’ largest ISPS, all of whom restricted access to these services. Smaller providers may still be able to access these services, although that may only be a matter of time.

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