This Site And This Author Are DEAD WRONG

I was forwarded this column recently and have to comment on it.
The problem is that privacy and encryption aren’t built into our email systems and it’s not been a priority for software and device makers to improve the usability and everyday usefulness of security technologies.
Frankly, there aren’t practical ways for the everyday person to secure their communications from prying eyes, let alone sophisticated government spying.
Don’t Try Hosting Your Own Email
Unfortunately, hosting your own email is not likely the answer either.
If you choose to run your mail server on a shared virtual private server (VPS), your email is only as secure as your hosting company’s business protocols. And, you have to quickly keep up with the steady stream of zero day vulnerabilities such asHeartbleed, Freak, et al.
The argument: You shouldn’t try what Hillary did because it’s very difficult, natch, nearly impossible.

This post was published at Market-Ticker on 2016-10-05.

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