Bitcoin Weekly: Adam Black becomes Blockstream CEO, Bitcoin exchanges expand and more investment funding

A lot of business is going on in the Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem this week. A shakeup happened at the Bitcoin technology startup Blockstream when co-founder Austin Hill quit his position as chief executive and co-founder Adam Black was appointed to the position. India’s biggest Bitcoin company Unocoin announced $1.5 million USD in investment funding. Factom also announced Series A funding to the tune of $4.2 million USD.
As for Bitcoin exchanges, Gemini and Kraken are in the news. Gemini has announced an expansion into Singapore and Hong Kong, customers can now fund and withdraw from banks in those regions. Kraken has added Augur Reputation Tokens to its list of tradable cryptocurrencies (alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum).
IBM predicts that blockchain technology will remain popular this year, with a survey of over 200 financial institutions worldwide – 15 percent report the intent to have blockchain products at scale by 2017 with 66 percent expecting to have blockchain operations by 2020.
As for the Bitcoin market, the current market value of BTC sits at $614 USD ( This is a very small rise from last week’s market value of $611 USD.
Adam Black appointed CEO of Bitcoin startup Blockstream
Bitcoin startup Blockstream, Inc. officially announced that its former chief executive, Austin Hill, has formally stepped aside on Monday and Adam Black, British cryptographer and inventor of hashcash, has stepped in as the company’s new CEO.

This post was published at Silicon Angle on Oct 5, 2016.

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