GlassHunt Will Not Reimburse Double-Spend Tool Users Affected By Hack

The GlassHunt Double Spend Tool was exploited through an SQL hack. The assailant broke into the company database and seized close to US$5,000 worth of Bitcoin in the process
The GlassHunt Bitcoin Double Spend Tool has been quite successful so far. Many people have tried this solution in an attempt to successfully double-spend their Bitcoins. However, the service has undergone a significant setback. An unknown hacker stole nearly US$5,000 worth of Bitcoin from active users who were waiting to double spend funds.
The saying ‘karma is a bitch’ seems to apply here. Any company successfully providing a service that would let users double-spend Bitcoin should never have been created in the first place. The fact was penetrated and funds were stolen only goes to show this concept will attract a lot of negative attention from day one.

This post was published at NewsBTC on 1:00 pm September 29, 201.

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