Bitcoin Returns to Its Cypherpunk Roots: An Interview With Luptk and Sip of Hackers Congress Paraleln Polis

First announced on the cryptography mailing list in 2008, Bitcoin was the embodiment of a decade-old cypherpunk vision. A digital currency not controlled by any government, bank, or company existed in the hearts and minds of hackers and cryptographers long before most even considered the concept viable.
Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin ignited a new industry, with interest reaching far beyond the small group of ideologues. Its blockchain technology today even serves as an inspiration for the very governments, banks, and companies the pioneering cryptocurrency was designed to subvert.
The third annual edition of the Hackers Congress Paraleln Polis(HCPP16), set to start this Friday, September 30, in Prague, will remember Bitcoin’s roots. The three-day gathering in the markedly black Paraleln Polis building will bring together cypherpunks and crypto-anarchists from around the Czech Republic, Europe and the rest of the world.
To learn more about the event, Bitcoin Magazine spoke with Martin Sip, project coordinator for Paraleln Polis and HCPP16 organizer, and Pavol Luptk, Paraleln Polis co-founder.

This post was published at Bitcoin Magazine on Sep 28, 2016.

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