The Competitive Edge BTC Trading Competition With Live Trading Account Prizes

Take the world’s most driven, capable traders, then give them 4 weeks to show exactly what they can do with 100 ‘competition’ bitcoins and you have the basic idea of The First Global Credit Competitive Edge – Bitcoin as Collateral Trading Competition.
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The competition kicks off at precisely one minute past midnight GMT on the third of October 2016 and runs until 21:00 GMT on the 28th of October. Professionals and novices alike will be able to show what they can do by taking those 100 ‘competition’ bitcoins and using them as collateral margin to trade hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of UK or US stocks, ETFs, futures contracts or crypto-fiat currency trading in a bid to win one of four coveted prize memberships in FGC’s Elite Trading Group. Each prize membership comes with a LIVE, fully funded, high leverage trading account and the potential to go on to earn hundreds if not thousands of real bitcoins profit without risking a single satoshi of their own money.

This post was published at Bitcoinist on 2016/09/26.

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