Elite Dating Service HePays Ventures Into The Bitcoin World

As is always the case with dating platforms, users need to be careful and use common sense. It is easy to pay for the HePays membership and create a fake profile to defraud potential matches.
The relation between Bitcoin and online dating has always seemed a bit off to people. Butt hat isn’t keeping companies from trying to explore the cryptocurrency payment option. HePays is a new social platform which seems to target singles who want to go out on a date. They also accept Bitcoin payment for this service, which is rather interesting.
The service offered by HePays is targeting a very specific crowd. A lot of people will compare it to Tinder, although that is not exactly the end goal for this service. HePays wants to bring people with money together and make it a more elite form if dating platform. Users can also remain anonymous, or be as open as they want to be.
HePays Is Not Your Average Bitcoin Service
Some people may be wondering why this service was created in the first place.

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