BitKan Announces Mobile OTC Trading, New Updates

BitKan, an all-in-one Bitcoin service application, has announced a series of updates in an effort to improve user experience. The biggest update so far is found in the service’s mobile application, with a peer-to-peer, over the counter (OTC) trading utility. This news comes on the heels of a $1.6 million USD capital injection into BitKan by Chinese bitcoin mining giant Bitmain.
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What’s New with BitKan on the Mobile Front?
BitKan’s mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, has the same familiar features, like price charts, news, mining pool data, and a ‘price alert’ function that pushes notifications to the user’s phone when bitcoin reaches a certain price.
However, the company said that it has made one new addition to the app that will have a big impact on users: OTC trading.
OTC trading is a peer-to-peer form of buying and selling bitcoin. Instead of using an intermediary, such as a bitcoin exchange, individual traders connect with each other and make transactions. Bringing the decentralization revolution to currency exchange, OTC trading represents the essence of Bitcoin – full decentralization, putting individuals in full control of their money.

This post was published at Bitcoinist on 2016/09/21.

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