Bitcoin and Space: Genesis Mining Sends Bitcoin to Space

Genesis Mining, as a part of its promotional campaign has successfully made the first Bitcoin transaction to space. Read more…
If not the price, there is something else that has already inched Bitcoin towards its ideal holiday location – the moon.
Genesis Mining, a Bitcoin cloud mining provider, sent Bitcoin to space. As a part of its promotional campaign, the company conducted two successful Bitcoin transactions from the earth’s surface to somewhere 20 and 34 kilometres up in the sky, respectively.
Genesis Mining’s ‘To the Moon!’ campaign saw the company sending a 3D model of Bitcoin and a Bitcoin paper wallet to space on a weather balloon. Genesis Mining has recorded the journey using a GoPro camera placed inside a Styrofoam box. The camera was focused on the Bitcoin 3D model with paper wallet address written on the other side.

This post was published at NewsBTC on 9:30 pm September 18, 201.

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