Bitcoin Accepted! German Energy Giant Enables Payments

Time will tell how many customers will accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for their utility bills, says Enercity which announced on Friday, September 16 that Hanover residents can now pay for their energy use with the virtual currency.
Enercity CEO, Dr. Susanna Zapreva, who made the announcement, said digitization has already been fixed into various parts of the everyday life of their customers and the introduction of Bitcoin payment is just a step on the road to the digital future.
In a statement from the company, it says digitization has changed the whole economy including the energy sector. Based on this, it believes that systems, transactions and networks will be decentralized and able to act independently of central institutions in the future.
Hence, Bitcoin is appropriate to achieve such a decentralized payment system.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 17/09/2016.

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