Facebook Messenger Needs a Bitcoin Payment Option To Stay Competitive

Integrating a Bitcoin payment option would give users a choice. In the traditional financial world, this choice is often overlooked by banks.
More and more social platforms are starting to integrate payment options. Although this functionality existed on Twitter for some time now, iMessage enabled it as well. Facebook, perhaps the largest social network in the world, will now allow in-app payments to Messenger Chat Bots. All of this seems to be paving the way for Bitcoin payments on Facebook at some point, but is that even realistic?
Social messaging platforms have evolved over the years. While they are primarily used to stay in touch with friends and family, a messaging platform is capable of much more. Facebook has acknowledged this potential, and will enable in-app purchases through their Messenger service shortly.
To put this into perspective, native payments are not new to Facebook Messenger. US-based users could send money to one another for quite some time now. However, this news will focus on making online purchases through Messenger directly. Unfortunately, the new feature will only be available to a limited number of Facebook users.

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