Kim Dotcom’s Bitcache Can Work as a Bitcoin-Powered Affiliate Program for Content Creators

Kim Dotcom, the notorious internet entrepreneur and Megaupload founder, has been building hype for the relaunch of his file-sharing website on Twitter and various media outlets over the past few weeks. While the general tech community seems interested in what Megaupload 2.0 will have to offer, the Bitcoin community is more interested in one specific aspect of this new project.
While discussing Megaupload 2.0 on Twitter, Dotcom noted that the file-sharing platform will include a way to attach a bitcoin transaction to every uploaded file. Dotcom has named this feature Bitcache.
The specific details as to how Bitcache works are still unknown to the general public, but Dotcom noted that the system will work in a way that is similar to an affiliate program on a recent episode of the Keiser Report. Bitcoin Magazine reached out to Dotcom to get further clarification on his short description of Bitcache.
A Bitcoin-Powered Affiliate Program for the Web
When asked for more details about Bitcache, Dotcom was quick to point out that his new project enables a variety of different features. He then shed some light on how Bitcache could be used in a way similar to an affiliate program.

This post was published at Bitcoin Magazine on Sep 06, 2016.

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