Tyler And Cameron Winklevoss On Why Regulation Is Good For Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, known for their involvement in the beginnings of Facebook FB 0.93% and for having competed in the Olympics – not to mention their 6’5′ height, Harvard and Oxford pedigrees and identical looks – were vacationing in Ibiza in 2012 when a friend of a friend introduced them to Bitcoin.
Just as they had never intended for rowing to become such a big part of their lives when they first walked into a boathouse at 15, Tyler says of how they found themselves captivated by Bitcoin, ‘we were on vacation, not looking for the next big thing, but that’s how it always works. It’s very serendipitous. You don’t predict when you’re going to fall in love.’
Describing how they began buying and studying Bitcoin and found themselves ‘sucked in,’ he concludes, ‘This was a pretty heady romance.’

This post was published at Forbes on SEP 6, 2016 @.

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