Secure Voting Solution Unites Bitcoin Blockchain and Paper Ballots

Bitcoin ATM-developer and blockchain-tech firm Blockchain Technologies Corp (BTC) has revealed that it is developing a tamper-resistant voting machine dubbed ‘VoteWatcher.’
New York-based Blockchain Technologies Corp., a blockchain- and bitcoin-centric firm and startup accelerator has revealed that it is currently working on a blockchain voting machine that it deems will be ‘tamper-resistant’.
The machine, dubbed ‘VoteWatcher’, is aimed at ensuring two core functionalities of a voting process. According to the firm, they are:
To ensure that the voting machine correctly captures the voter’s intent. To safeguard voters’ trust that their votes are being counted correctly. While advances in voting technology have seen paperless voting stations, with its critics, have existed since the turn of the millennium, Blockchain Technologies Corp., is bringing back paper in its solution for a tamper-proof voting system.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 06/09/2016.

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