Octopocket: Where Bitcoin Meets Telegram

The Octopocket team are members of a Bitcoin Association in Spain called avalbit.org. They love bitcoin and do monthly meetups to introduce people to blockchain technology.
The project believes that practice is more important than theory, and they want to make their platform as simple to use – and access – as possible.
Manual Sales, the system architect at Octopocket said:
So simple wallets are welcome by newcomers, people should not be worrying about losing their keys or passwords. Apps are also becoming a barrier for bitcoin adoption – people get tired of using apps for just trying something. People don’t want to exhaust their data plan downloading an app or don’t have enough space in the phone.
For those reasons having a wallet in Telegram it makes sense; it’s a nice messaging platform with great features and with a growing number of users. People use messaging every day and having an embedded wallet there is very useful.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 30/08/2016.

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