Major Tech Youtube Channel Hydraulic Press Accepts Bitcoin Donations

Hydraulic Press Channel, one of the most popular technology-focused Youtube channel with nearly 1.5 million subscribers, has begun to accept Bitcoin donations through ChangeTip.
Since the introduction of Youtube’s new policy and community guidelines, operators of channels, even major channels with millions of subscribers, began to struggle in monetizing their content. Various popular Youtube channels launched GoFundme campaigns after failing to obtain sufficient funds to support its content.
The average CPM rate of Youtube videos is estimated at US$2, which enables creators to earn around $2 per thousand views. That means, a Youtube video with over a million views will earn around US$2,000 on average.
Hank Green of Crashcourse explains:
‘Sometime in the last year, my YouTube videos received their billionth view. At the average YouTube ad rate of $2 per thousand views (a $2 CPM), that’s around $2 million in revenue from advertising over the last eight years.’

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-08-29.

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