Airbitz Opens Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API to Entire User Base

Airbitz, a Bitcoin wallet provider, has released its Bitcoin Wallet Plugin API to its entire user base. The API enables any app or service to integrate with Airbitz’s wallet services. While the API has been around for years with early integration partners (e.g. Glidera, Fold, Bitrefill, etc.), Airbitz has now opened the API to its entire user base.
“We’re excited by the potential of new plugins and hope to see amazing integrations with applications such as marketplaces, exchanges, gift card vendors, remittance providers, games, and messaging apps,” Paul Puey, Airbitz CEO, said in a company announcement. “Wallet providers have frequently talked about offering plugin APIs. We’re happy to say we’ve just delivered it.”

This post was published at Programmable Web on Aug. 17 2016.

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