IRS At A Standstill with Bitcoin; Users and Tax Professionals Remain in the Dark

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has halted its proceedings of how individuals should report the earnings they make from bitcoin after failing to provide additional guidance to a notice released in 2014, according to the Tax Revolution Institute.
In March 2014, the IRS was reported to have released Notice 2014-21 to the masses. Their aim was to inform people how they should apply current tax regulations to the digital currency, bitcoin. However, it did the exact opposite when it stated that bitcoin was a property and not a currency for tax purposes.
Under the notice, the Tax Revolution Institute reports that ‘users are required to calculate the realized gains and losses of every transaction.’
It said:
In other words, if I buy one bitcoin at $500, and then spend it after it has risen in value to $750, I should report income of $250, and that goes for transactions as small as the purchase of a cup of coffee.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 10/08/2016.

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