Major Portsmouth Restaurant Accepts Bitcoin; Supporting New Hampshire’s ‘Free State’ Movement

A restaurant in Portsmouth, N. H. now accepts bitcoin, according to Free Keene, a pro-decentralization and pro-bitcoin organization in New Hampshire, which is a very independence-minded state in the U. S. Keene, N. H. is the base of a ‘free state’ movement in New Hampshire.
The restaurant, called Street, is in the west end of Portsmouth, and it accepts bitcoin for everything on the menu, which features a global menu including lamb shawarma, Singapore salad, empanadas, pho, falafel, bnh m, and bibimbap (a Korean dish). Street calls itself an eclectic, casual restaurant that satisfies both hunger and wanderlust.
Free Keene encourages its readers to support the restaurant and includes the address of the restaurant’s bitcoin wallet.
A Decentralization Movement
Free Keene claims government coercion is entrenched in society. While people are led to believe the government is good, Free Keene believes it is wrong to force people to pay for unwanted services or to threaten people to make them do things they don’t want to do. It claims that government ‘solutions’ create more problems than they solve, citing the War on Drugs.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 09/08/2016.

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