Australia Post Incubation Arm Explores Blockchain Technology for Identity

Australia Post Accelerator has joined firms from across the globe that are experimenting with the blockchain technology which powers bitcoin. It is exploring three potential areas in which it believes blockchain can be developed: identity, registries, and e-voting.
Australia Post Accelerator partner Rick Wingfield confirmed the move at Australia’s largest ICT event for the public sector.
Technology in Government 2016 brought together senior public sector technologists and communications experts to discuss ICT solutions within government.
There have been global discussions about how blockchain technology can improve these critical areas particularly identity issues.
A UN summit considered using the technology in May following world leaders’ pledge to provide a legal identity to all by 2030. They proposed using blockchain technology to achieve the universal identification objective.
Wingfield says blockchain will help digitize a person’s identification process, unlike the current process that requires a lot of paperwork.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 05/08/2016.

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