Andreas Antonopoulos AMA with the 8BTC Community

Andreas Antonopoulos, in an interaction with the Chinese Bitcoin community, spoke about the future of Bitcoin among other cryptocurrency related stuff. Read more…
The Chinese Bitcoin community is one of the major stakeholders in the digital currency ecosystem. Thanks to their active participation in mining and trading related activities. One of the leading Chinese Bitcoin community, had a chance to interact with Andreas Antonopoulos in an ‘Ask Me Anything (AMA)’ program.
Andreas Antonopoulos is a renowned advocate and consultant of the cryptocurrency. In the AMA, he interacted with the Chinese digital currency community and answered questions regarding the future of Bitcoin and various other aspects of cryptocurrency industry. Most of the questions during the AMA were related to the block size debate, Bitcoin scalability, and smart contracts.
The excerpts of the AMA session including all the questions and Andreas’ response to those questions was shared by 8BTC on various social media channels.
During the session, Andreas expressed his support to the Bitcoin Core development community and their current roadmap for scaling the Bitcoin network. He believes that the approach to increasing the block size from 1 MB to 2 MB in a methodical fashion is a sound decision. The current plan involves the implementation of Segwit, followed by a relay network upgrade, implementation of compact blocks and other changes before executing a hard fork over another year and a half.

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