Bitcoin Price Watch; Switching Things Up A Little

Here is our slightly altered (but hopefully just as effective) bitcoin price watch intraday strategy for Friday’s European session.
Those who have followed along with our bitcoin price watch pieces over the last few weeks will have noticed a common thread running through our strategy. We’ve been defining relatively tight ranges and skipping in and out of the markets with these ranges on breakout scalp trades. It’s been somewhat effective but there have been some pretty frustrating periods through which we’ve had to sit and stay net flat in the markets. Well, to mix things up a little today, we’re going to alter our strategy slightly. Not in that we are going to veer from our breakout approach, but we are going to define our range al little differently. Specifically, we are going to go after a channel rather than a sideways facing range.
This means we can get in two ways – one in line with the current overarching momentum, and one that goes against the action if we see a reversal. This flexibility should give us some decent entry point as we navigate the European session on the last day of the week.

This post was published at NewsBTC on July 29, 2016.

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