Will Brexit and China Continue to Influence Bitcoin Prices?

The devaluation of the Chinese yuan and the financial impact of Brexit are long-term factors which will determine the health of the economies of China and the UK.
Thus, investors will continue to seek for alternative highly liquid assets to avoid being involved in a financial turmoil, which will increase the demand for Bitcoin and ultimately, its price.
Economic instability is good for Bitcoin
Financial experts and analysts have emphasized the indirect correlation between the demand for Bitcoin and international economic instability for quite some time.
In early 2016 for instance, legendary veteran investors including Marc Faber stated that with the exception of Bitcoin, all asset classes have performed poorly.
During an interview with Bloomberg, Faber suggested that the independence and decentralization of Bitcoin benefits from the plummeting value of government and economy reliant assets.
Amidst major financial troubles involving the fall of Chinese and Korean stock exchanges, and the slump of major international stock markets, the value of Bitcoin has continually grown since January of this year, with the digital currency almost doubling in price.

This post was published at Coin Telegraph on 2016-07-27.

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