Indonesia’s Fragmented Digital Wallet Ecosystem Can Learn From Bitcoin

Competition is designed to spur innovation and benefit the consumer. If this trend in Indonesia continues, the consumer will be the one losing out.
Mobile wallets are becoming a hot commodity these days, but that will not necessarily benefit the consumer. In Indonesia, for example, there are far too many different digital wallet offerings already. More and more partnerships are forged to offer new solutions, resulting in a fragmented landscape. Bitcoin remains the only unified solution that can work for everybody.
One thing the vast majority of existing digital wallets in Indonesia have in common is how they target different segments of the population. Every individual offering does its own thing, rather than creating a go-to solution for various needs. Collaboration with banks is tough, as every major bank is working on its own digital wallet solution right now.

This post was published at NewsBTC on 2:00 pm July 24, 201.

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