Gibraltar Stock Exchange adds Bitcoin ETI

BitcoinETI, an asset-backed Exchange Traded Instrument that exclusively invested in bitcoin will be included in the Gibraltar Stock Exchange under the ticker BTCETI.
In an announcement today, the Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX) has revealed its addition of BitcoinETI, a bitcoin-centric Exchange Traded Instrument (ETI). The stock exchange states that the asset-backed ETI’s inclusion will be the first European regulated product for the cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin will be the underlying asset backing the Exchange Traded Instrument and the inclusion of BitcoinETI will now enable asset managers and funds assess and track Bitcoin through the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.
The Bitcoin ETI was approved for listing on the GSX on July 22, 2015 and will subsequently be co-listed on Deutsche Brse this week, under the ticker BTCETI.
‘GSX is an EU regulated market which offers efficient and cost effective solutions for innovative companies and financial products. We look forward to supporting the BitcoinETI in its entry to the public markets’ said Nick Cowan, Managing Director of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, in a statement.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 25/07/2016.

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