Bitcoin Gains Popularity As Banks Stick To Quantitative Easing

Unlike the central banks’ quantitative easing policy, the reduction of new funds being pumped into the Bitcoin ecosystem is stabilizing the price.
It is not the first time some experts are pointing towards Bitcoin as an asset to keep an eye on whenever financial trouble seems to be looming on the horizon. Cryptocurrency is a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity, due its scarcity and global availability. Even though some people may argue it is too late to invest in Bitcoin or other currencies, that is far from the case. Moreover, the policies employed by banks to solve the economic problems are failing.
Quantitative Easing = More Problems Caused By Banks
History does not lie as far as Bitcoin is concerned. Bitcoin has been the world’s best-performing currency for several years now, only being beaten once in the past seven years. Despite that one-time setback, the value of Bitcoin still increased that year. Right now, there is no other asset or investment opportunity that can even remotely make such claims.
Over the past few years, the overall confidence in traditional assets has been dwindling. Stock markets have become far more volatile in a negative manner, and fiat currencies are no safe investment either. Precious metals remain attractive, but investors are looking for other opportunities as well.

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