A Bitcoin Globetrotter Covers 27 Countries: How He Did It, What He Learned

Felix Weis, a Berlin programmer, visited 27 countries and 50 cities in the past 18 months only spending bitcoin. He related his 18-month story in Forbes to a reporter, Laura Shin. Weis wanted to prove that bitcoin was not dead, as many people were claiming at the end of 2014.
He also believed that if bitcoin was, in fact, a world currency as advocates claimed, then someone should be able to travel the world only using bitcoin.
He made it a point to use bitcoin whenever possible, and only to use cash by exchanging bitcoin for cash. He used LocalBitcoins.com to find people to exchange local currency for bitcoin. There were cases when he had to help people get bitcoin so they could exchange his for cash when he needed it.
Weis often needed cash for hotel deposits and incidentals. His cash use ranged from 20% to 80% depending on the country. His cash use was lowest in North America, highest in Asia, and mid-way in South America.
No Banks Or Credit Cards
He did not use a bank account or a credit card during his 18-month sojourn. He took around 200 Euros and bought a rail pass for the train. He paid for the pass with All4BTC.com, which allows an Amazon link and other links that allow payment in bitcoin.

This post was published at Crypto Coins News on 19/07/2016.

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